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Description of Yetav - Car, Auto, Bike, Passenger pool

Connect – Travel – Share the Cost – Reduce Pollution – Save Environment

Yetav is a real-time ride-sharing app. It’s the only app, which provides a perfect algorithm to find a travel-buddy for the auto pool, carpool and bike pool.

Auto/Taxi Pool – Passengers can enter ‘from’ and ‘to’ destination in the app and then they can search and request other ‘Passengers’ going in the same direction. The request can be sent/received through app. Once the group is formed then members can chat/call (optional) with each other. The system calculated charges can be given in cash to the person who travels till the end. This person then can pay off to Auto/Taxi driver in cash.

Private Vehicle Pool- Passengers can also look for private vehicles like bike/car by clicking ‘Vehicles Owners’ option. They can request/receive request from the vehicle owners. The system calculated charges can be given to vehicle owners via ‘Yetav Wallet’. Passengers must have at least journey charges or minimum of Rs 100 (whichever is higher) in the wallet to initiate the journey. The amount can be transferred to the wallet from any Debit/Credit Card.

Private Vehicle owners – The private vehicle owners like bike/car owners can offer the vacant seats. They can get the money via ‘Yetav Wallet’. The money can be redeemed on request.

For the benefit of the passengers ‘Yetav’ will show the name of the co-passenger and organization/college/society. If required, one can verify the co-passengers by clicking on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn details. There is absolutely no need to travel with a person with whom you are not comfortable. You can cancel the request at any time.

Keeping safety in the mind of female passengers, Yetav gives a absolute safe-mode option only to female passengers. Female passengers can click on the option of ‘Female buddies’; so they can see and can be seen only by female passengers/Vehicle owners.

Why Yetav?

1. Passengers can connect the other passengers going in the same direction and then can travel by auto/taxi.

2. Passengers can also connect with vehicle owners and vice versa.

3. Group chatting and calling option (optional) is available.

4. Buddy- Distance from the starting point is available.

5. Female passengers can have an option to travel with only female passengers.

6. Passengers having the same hobbies can have a lovely discussion time during the travel.

7. For vehicle owners- whenever you want, you can take rest from driving and still travel with the same comfort.

8. SOS button is available and can be used in case of emergency.

9. The journey can be shared with guardians. This feature proves to be extremely helpful for female passengers.

10. Finally, we all have a responsibility to keep the earth green. Yetav extends the hand for this noble mission.

Welcome to Yetav family. Let’s live the dream of ‘Green Earth’.

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Currently, Yetav is available in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.

App nameYetav - Car, Auto, Bike, Passenger pool
App packagecom.yetavtravel
PublisherZapapp Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
GenreTravel & Local
Platform4.4W and up
Versionv 1.7,Tulsi

What's new?

Few bugs resolved

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