VBAN Buttons [v1.2.1] APK for Android


Description of VBAN Buttons

VBAN Buttons allows to program up to 24 buttons to send VBAN Request over your network to remote VB-Audio Software like Voicemeeter or the MT128 Solutions.

VBAN Buttons will let you enter a Script to send VBAN -TEXT or VBAN-MIDI Request when the buttons is pushed or/and released (PUSH or 2 POSITION mode).

Each buttons can have a Color, Title, Subtitle and two scripts (ON & OFF) to send TEXT or MIDI Command through two VBAN stream (2 different IP address of your network).

Then you will be able to remote any Voicemeeter controls or send MIDI message to start sound on MT32-SPLite for example…

VBAN-Buttons is free to use with a single button to let you test it in real situation before buying it. In-App purchase will unlock all other buttons.

App nameVBAN Buttons
App packagevbaudio.vbanbuttons
PublisherVincent Burel (VB-Audio)
GenreMusic & Audio
Platform4.4 and up

What's new?

– Prevent screen to enter in sleep mode when app is launched- improvement in storage management- improvement in orientation changes- improvement in app initialization- fix in-app store connection & restoration

Download VBAN Buttons [v1.2.1] APK for Android



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