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Description of Stickman Fight - Stickman Warriors Fighting 2020

It’s time to fight, survive, win epic warrior fights, and of course, have countless hours of fun and excitement. Stickman Fight is a free stickman warrior fighting game that challenges your fighting abilities and enables you to fight against other stickman warriors. Your only objective is to survive and win the deadly battles, and while you are all alone in these warrior fights, you get to unlock new warriors with stronger powers. And don’t forget about the physics-based gameplay and floating warriors which make the whole experience a lot more challenging and fun.

So, if you are into such stickman warrior games and looking for a casual game with the same concept, but new gameplay and challenges, download Stickman Fight for free on your Android phone or tablet, pick out your favorite stickman warrior, head to the battlefield and do whatever it takes to survive and win deadly battles.

An imposing stickman game with unique gameplay and addictive challenges
Fight for the last drop of your blood and use your warrior skills to win the epic battles against a range of different warriors with different skills, strengths and speed. The more you play, the more skills you get and the higher the chances you will have to win the warrior fights and battles.

Physics-based gameplay with easy to learn controls: The stickman warriors tend to float and fall down, and you get to drag the warriors in order to control them and have them fight and attack the enemy. It takes a couple of tries to completely get used to how to control the stickman warrior and once you master it, you just need to focus on improving your warrior skills and try to use different tricks to win the warrior battles in the arena. You can attack with different parts of the warrior’s body and all you need to do is just dragging and dragging. Sounds easy? Let’s give it a try.

Different stickman warriors with different fighting skills: You can benefit from choosing a range of different stickman warriors who happen to offer different skills and have different attacking and defending skills. Based on your strategy, you can choose to use a warrior with more attacking skills, or choose a warrior with more defending skills, or keep the skills at balance.

How to unlock new stickman warriors? As you progress and win more battles in the arena you get to collect coins that can be used to unlock new warriors.

Classic mode or endless mode? You get to either choose the classic mode and try to take down the enemy before being taken down or running out of time, or you can enter the endless mode and enjoy the epic warrior battle as long as you wish. Make sure to choose a suitable stickman warrior based on the battle mood you choose.

Stickman Fight main features at a glance:

Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
Amazing graphics with cool environment visuals
Realistic physics-based gameplay with easy to learn controls
Range of different stickman warriors to pick out
Collect coins and unlock new warriors
Different game modes: classic and endless
Survive and win deadly warrior battles
Fun for all ages
Free casual game to play

Let’s give this free stickman warrior fighting game a try
Download Stickman Fight for free on your Android phone or tablet, defend your glory, win the deadly warrior battles and improve your warrior fighting skills. The realistic physics-based gameplay, easy to learn control, and amazing fighting atmosphere with engaging music and sound effects, make sure you never get bored or tired of going through the same challenges and there are always some fresh challenges for you.

The fast-paced nature of this addictive casual warrior fighting game requires you to be fast and precise when it comes to attacking and defending. You need to always be prepared for the next move of the enemy and get yourself ready for the counter-attack.


Stay tuned and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.

App nameStickman Fight - Stickman Warriors Fighting 2020
App packagecom.SpaceFight.Warrior
PublisherCome And Play
Platform4.1 and up

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