Smart Assistant [v29.0] APK for Android


Description of Smart Assistant

The app ‘Smart Assistant’ allows to users make questions and receive result from the app by english text and voice.

Intro Video:

– Allow to manage and turn on/off by voice or click wifi switch ( ewelink,…)
– Allow to show controler panel to show previous, next switch, turn on/off buttons by notification and on lockscreen
– Allow to show status icon that is listening questions when the assistant activated
– Allow to double click on the home screen of your smartphone to enable hoặc disable it
– Allow to update or check keyword of questions
– Allow to view list of keywords following selected question
– Allow to search songs following name and try to play
– Allow to change recognizing question accuracy percent
– Allow to add new question names for each question code
– Allow to share in social network
– Allow to view the app help

Supported questions for the world:
– Price of Gold: show by text and voice sound ‘Price of gold’ in your country by USD
– Price of USD: show result currency of your country
– What is today[ in city_name] : show current date of the city where you are living or current date of the city ‘city_name’
– What is the time[ in city_name]: show current time of the city where you are living or current time of the city ‘city_name’
– What is the lunar date today[ in country_name]: show lunar date today of the country where you are living or of the country ‘country_name’
– What is the weather[ in city_name]: show current weather of the city where you are living or of the city ‘city_name’
– Describe about ‘keyword’( example: Describe about smartphone): show description about ‘keyword’. ‘keyword’ can be added to before requiring
– Price of ‘goods_name’[ in country_name]: ( example: price of banana or price of banana in england) show result of the country where you are living or of the country ‘country_name’
– List of ( Best, Top, Top ten, Most or Hostest) ‘keyword’ (example: Best songs of all time): show list of ‘keyword’. List is got in the web ‘’
– News in ‘keyword’ (keyword: world, nation, business, entertainment, sport, Technology, Science, Health): show news in ‘keyword’. The news is got in the web ‘’
– Today in history: show popular events in history. The data is got in the web ‘’
– Play song ‘song_name’: play the song that is named ‘song_name’. Song ‘song_name’ must to have in
– Play again: play again before played song
– Read again ( or repeat): read before read result
– Call to ‘contact_name’: Call phone to person that is named ‘contact_name’. ‘contact_name’ must to be had in the Contacts of phone
– Find path from ( road_name1) to (road_name2) ( or how to go from ‘roard1’ to ‘road2’). Before road_name must to be declared if want to be exact ( Example: how to go from Phao Dai lang to Lang Ha)

Best android apps:

App nameSmart Assistant
App packagecom.appasstdki.assistantjet
Platform8.0 and up

Download Smart Assistant [v29.0] APK for Android



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