SCP – Containment Breach Mobile [v0.9.1] APK for Android


Description of SCP - Containment Breach Mobile

SCP – Containment Breach is a first-person indie survival horror game. It is based upon the SCP Foundation wiki.

You play as D-9341, one of many Class-D test subjects used by the SCP Foundation, an organization dedicated to containing and safe-guarding anomalous creatures and artifacts from the rest of the world. The game opens with D-9341 waking up and being pulled from his cell to begin testing. However, during the test the facility begins to malfunction, causing a site-wide containment breach to occur.

App nameSCP - Containment Breach Mobile
App packagecom.ALOBGames.SCP
PublisherALOB Games
SizeVaries with device
PlatformVaries with device

What's new?

Ported original lightmaps.Added SCP-1074.Added Anomalous Ducks.Added SCP-1048 in room3pit.Added Maintenance Tunnel generator.Fixed S-NAV pickup bug.Fixed light flares positions in room2pipes2.Fixed some SCP-860 bugs.Fixed SCP-1499 bug.Fixed SCP-096 sound bug.Fixed button with keycode sound bug.Fixed Euclid saving bug.Fixed black screen bug.Some changes in SCP-939.Some changes in main menus.Some changes in room2sl.Some changes in camera effects.Some changes in SCP-914.

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