Pretend Play Life In Spaceship: My Astronaut Story [v0.1] APK for Android


Description of Pretend Play Life In Spaceship: My Astronaut Story

Hey my little princess and prince! Are your looking for your next adventurous journey?

How about pretend to be an astronaut and exploring space station and galaxy life. Pretend to work on a space station interact with earth monitoring room, rocket station, gravity room, play room and more. Eat food, collect items in space, dress up as astronaut and many more fun activities. It’s like digital story book where your child can Pretend and play as astronaut and create his own story with imagination.

Pretend to be as nerdy student who are picked from small town and now they get accessories and props of future tech. You can pretend and build space shuttle so you can fly towards Mars or space station in orbit around the planet earth. Interactive game play with both fun and creative gaming experience. It gives everything what kids can love tv lounge, play area, study area, gravity room, office and more.

You can turn off gravity and all things will start floating in the air. To give you feeling of an astronaut in the space shuttle. Take a trip in the space life and circle the planet earth and land back safely. Dressup and wear astronaut suit play pure imaginative fun games in space station.

Enjoy artistic and creative playing elements for little princess and charming prince. Educate them and inspire them to explore their creativity. We offer you hours and hours of pure fun a kid can get with his family and friends.

Discover the secret of space life, explore yourself play fun mini games and much more.

This game is suitable for all ages, especially for 3-9 years old. Parent can join young kids like 3-5 years old and can have fun time with this amazing pretend play game.

App namePretend Play Life In Spaceship: My Astronaut Story
PublisherKids Fun Club Studio
Platform4.1 and up

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