Piggy Escape Horror Mod [v1.0] APK + OBB for Android


Description of Piggy Escape Horror Mod

Welcome to the horror mod of piggy, are you ready to escape from the pig?
Welcome to piggy house escape where you have to make your way out of the dream like horror game, by checking all the rooms and finding where piggy hid the keys to get out , many characters are there to help you but be careful piggy is quick and knows her house very good.

Piggy is a survival game. To survive, you will have to solve various puzzles, secrets, and escape while avoiding the pig. The pig’s goal is to kill you, or at least prevent you from escaping.

make sure piggy doesn’t find you or touch you with her hand because that is the end right there.

The scary piggy keeps you locked up in his house, and there’s a time factor to escape piggy scary rooms if you lose to her or the time you can’t escape.

the features in this game are

piggy inspired house of horrors
big great environment for you to roam free
two houses where piggy hides her secrets
plenty of secrets that piggy awaits you to uncover
great graphics and easy controls


we made sure that this game has quick instruction to help you excel in the piggy game , this piggy game is inspired by piggy roblox but is in no way shape or form related to the roblox game, it’s a mere imagination of a mod that could be fun to play.

App namePiggy Escape Horror Mod
App packagecom.pigscarygame.piggypiggy
Platform4.1 and up

What's new?

The great piggy escape game two big houses added

Download Piggy Escape Horror Mod [v1.0] APK + OBB for Android



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