nearMe. – 相乗りで、タクシーをもっと身近に。 [v1.1.19] APK for Android


Description of nearMe. - 相乗りで、タクシーをもっと身近に。


□■こんな時に 「お得に」「早く」タクシーに乗れます■□
・終電や終バスを逃してタクシーで帰らなくちゃ! でもタクシー利用は高いな……。


1. 行き先を入力し、 目的地が近い人とマッチング

2. ルートと割り勘金額が自動計算

3. メッセージでやり取り&合流して相乗り開始

4. 現金のやりとりは不要!

5. 目的に到着したら相乗り終了

出発地が東京都内(一部エリア)で利用可能 ※随時拡大予定です

メール:[email protected]まで


nearMe. (Niami) is an application that can piggyback person is found you want to go in the same direction by taxi. To eliminate the matrix of long taxi waiting, it will be profitable by piggybacking.

□ ■ ride in such a time to “discount”, “fast” taxi ■ □
– it is not go back in a taxi miss the last train or the last bus! But taxi is high Do not ….
– bad weather matrix of taxis waiting for. …… I do not ride very much to want to go back soon.
– it does not move the train in a sudden accident. I want to move quickly, taxi available to high ….
– a fun event, you want to conveniently move the round-trip to Terminal Station!

□ ■ Features ■ □
– one in deals than the ride by taxi
Because, matching the same direction of the person, leading to the elimination of the taxi queue
Chosen not a taxi ride because matching between and individuals
· Opponent photos and sex is safe from known in advance
· Exchange unnecessary because credit card payment in cash

□ ■ How to use ■ □
1. Enter the destination, people and matching near the destination
If you set your favorite location and position information even when no one is near, us with automatic notification to find a carpool candidate.

2. route and split the bill amount is automatically calculated
Calculated automatically so that everyone will be profitable depending on the distance and time as the joining of the other party.

3. exchanged message and merge to carpool start
Decide meeting place, combined with the carpool partner while checking messages or phone. Once you have agreed to carpool content to start the synergistic.

4. exchange of cash is unnecessary!
After the start of the carpool, easy settlement of accounts with a credit card in the app.
Ride members (people who get off on the way) will pay the Dutch treat amount of money to ride the leader (the last to get off people),
Ride leaders only pay as usual taxi.
Carpool amounts ride leader has received ※ is Furikomima to the bank account that was set in advance from the app.

5. carpool Exit When you arrive at the purpose
Because during the carpool is displayed map, you can arrive at your destination while checking the route. When you arrive to exit the carpool.

□ ■ use area ■ □
The departure point is available in the Tokyo metropolitan area (some areas) ※ is from time to time expansion plans

□ ■ inquiry ■ □
E-mail: up to [email protected]

nearMe. app download of, more familiar in a taxi in a new way that the carpool.

App namenearMe. - 相乗りで、タクシーをもっと身近に。
App packagejp.nearme.nearme
PublisherNearMe, Inc.
GenreMaps & Navigation
Platform5.0 and up

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