mySync [v5.8.0-play] APK for Android


Description of mySync

Requires an account with a mySync compatible enterprise service. Accounts are provided only through these services. App is not functional without an active mySync account.

This is the client application for mySync device management services. Some of the supported remote security features are: password policy management, locking and unlocking, wiping, management of installed applications, device location monitoring, device usage restriction management. Additional non-security features include contact syncing, photo backup, shared file access.

Supports EMM / Android for Work deployment profiles: Work-managed device (using setup code afw#mysync); BYOD work profile (start work profile setup in first screen after install).
Supports Android Zero-touch.
Together with mySync Kiosk, can be used to set up Kiosk devices.


* This app uses the Device Administrator permission. It is optional and you will be asked to enable it after you have activated the service. It will enable additional device management features.
* This app optionally uses the Location permission to enable device location monitoring. Location monitoring can be initiated from the mySync web portal, but only if the permission has been granted in the client.
* All other permissions are optional and you will be asked to enable them after you have activated the service in the client app.

If this app is installed as an EMM Device Policy Controller in a work-managed device, all permissions will be enabled automatically after service activation.

App namemySync
PublisherTrivore / mySync
Platform5.0 and up

What's new?

* Updated Knox libraries* Fixes some issues on Android 10 devices

Download mySync [v5.8.0-play] APK for Android


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