Mr Elite Strike : SWAT Gun shooter Puzzle [v1.1.0] APK for Android


Description of Mr Elite Strike : SWAT Gun shooter Puzzle

Being an swat agent your duty is to enter in battlefield full of enemy positions, lead this You are a brave and professional elite shooter of the time, and carry out the impossible deadly missions. Make plans, army tactics, commando elite techniques, and bravo strategies to kill these enemies. you will get a new fighting experience from new angle to become a shooter.

Feature :
Destroy them all kill strike and save the world! bravo shooter bullet is on a secret mission mr west. Use your deadly accuracy and precision to keep the bad guys! Whether it is a spy, agent, zombie, lumberjack, alien they are all here to take over the world and only a MASTER can take them down and save the world.
Unlock Epic Missions strile so many enemies and levels for you to take down, keep peace elite each with their own unique twist! Mr bullet How smart are you? Can you solve all the puzzles? Shoot bullets that ricochet, bounce, or simply go in a straight line! Use your bullets to make objects fall and explode. Create chain reactions and do whatever it takes to get your target! in bullet rush .New Challenges Await Rescue hostages elites, throw grenades at people and go on secret missions. No matter the situation, just remember to make every shot count in this bullet rush mr trigger! Engaging Physics Puzzler Only the smartest hitmaster. Mr gun and quickest can solve all the puzzles! Swat Strike You will need more than just accuracy to make it through. Speed, timing and patience are all things you will need to become the shooting master with plastic bullet to reflect in puzzle shooting. Can you get three stars on every level mister? Are you the best and most accurate? Spy vs Spy Battle against other spies in crazy PVP multiplayer scenarios

How to Play Elite Strike Shooter ?
You’ll only have a limited number of bullets for each stage, so use them wisely! Shooting enemy soldiers isn’t the only way to kill them dangerous killers, though. Using your environment to your advantage, there are a variety of ways to dispatch your enemies and earn kill score. Don’t have a clean shot? Bounce your bullet off the wall to hit them in gunfire!

Aim and shoot leave no enemy behind in this action shooter game. Elite Strike Shooter killer is the perfect physics game. You are a well trained elite member of special weapons and tactics teams of fire guns. Equipped with Sci-Fi guns and there are Sharp Cutters and Bombs in environment use them in your favor.
Be a brave soldier on the battlefield, strikes back destroy everything in the combat zone that comes in your way. Or you can become a silent killer using environment in your favor, finding the best vantage points and take the all-important kill shot! Maybe you are the front line commando or the professional sniper who can carry out impossible missions? Whoever you are use physics in your favor to kill enemies let the bullets fly now.
It is time to load out your Plasma gun firearms and get your star elite strike fix

Features to strike back in Elite Shooter:
• Assault Basic enemy use plasma elite rifle.
• Enemy attacks from far away and high above, real kill shot plasma scifi guns.
• Modern shooting weapons plasma Guns.
• Easy and smooth control.
• Provides many special missions.
• Bounce your bullets off walls & use the environment to your advantage
• Best shooting war game

App nameMr Elite Strike : SWAT Gun shooter Puzzle
App packagecom.EliteStikeForce.shootingelite.elite.shooter.SWAT.Assault.Killer.gunfire
Platform4.1 and up

What's new?

Smooth shooting ExperienceBetter gameplay of elite shooterError fixed in bullet

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