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Download monsieur. E-commerce UI Kit 1299969 | CreativeMarket by Alex van Zijl in Elements | monsieur. Mobile E-commerce UI Kit 1299969 | CreativeMarket is your new friend and is going to make sure your next mobile e-commerce project is going to look as slick as possible. He does magic with fashion – stylish as he is – but he also plays nice in other fields.

If you decide to buy monsieur. you’ll get:

  • A Sketch file with all the screens
  • A Principle file with a prototype as an example (and a .mov to see the results)
  • The fonts you need (as a curtesy from Google Fonts)

So, what’s in the package? As .monsieur would say, ‘the package is quite complete’. But to be more precise:

  • 45+ screens, in multiple categories
  • Free Google fonts
  • A Principle prototype
  • A very well organised Sketch file, with appropriate use of symbols and styles
  • Free updates on the file

The included categories are:

  • Onboarding
  • Signup & login
  • Dashboard & navigation
  • Cart & checkout
  • Products
  • Profile & settings

monsieur. Mobile E-commerce UI Kit 1299969 | CreativeMarket Preview:


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