MINECRAFT PE MOD: Herobrine PE Mod v1.0


Download  PE MOD: MINECRAFT PE MOD: Published Mar 22, 2017 created by Minecraft Hub | MINECRAFT PE MOD: Herobrine PE Mod v1.0.Herobrine PE Mod v1.0 adds Herobrine Totem, Herobrine mobs and much more things wiches you can see in Read me.txt.

If you find any bugs report to @ryanfsousa2003 on Twitter.

  • Wellbeing: 10 hearts
  • Replaces creeper

Herobrine PE Mod v1.0 Preview:

Download MINECRAFT PE MOD: Herobrine PE Mod v1.0

Herobrine Mod v1.0 [Pack]_DownloadFreeAZ.Com.zip (309.9 kB)


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