Love Engine APK V1.5 Android Free


Love Engine APK V1.5 Android Free is a romantic puzzle game inspired by love itself. Our game designers took an unconventional way to interpret a couple’s love experience infused with delicate and challenging level design, fresh and aesthetic art style and soothing music representing a story of faith and belief. Players will get on a thrilling journey of touching emotions while use wisdom to solve puzzles of levels engaging in an essential feast of challenging levels, role-playing and euphonic soundtrack.

Love Engine APK V1.5 Preview:

Design of simplicity and fresh romantic art style brings pleasurable visual enjoyment.

30 challenging levels in 5 chapters require players to use joystick on the screen wisely to complete.

Lose yourself in the relaxing vibe of different themed soundtrack and get on a journey of spiritual exploration through time and space. Best experienced with headphones.

Love Engine APK V1.5 Trailer:

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