LEMGUI [v2.4.5-lem] APK for Android


Description of LEMGUI

Lem Graphic User Interface

Compatible with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwitch) and higher

for a correct use of the application:
• your tablet or smartphone must have the USB host function
• you need a USB-OTG cable compatible with your device (see figure)

RELEASE 2.4.5: published on 27/04/2020
Corrected DSP35-5G definitions

RELEASE 2.4.4: published on 02/03/2020
Corrected a problem in the SAT32 password reading

RELEASE 2.4.3: published on 14/02/2020
Bug correction with 2 channels managment

RELEASE 2.4.2: published on 10/02/2020
Added some missing devices to management

RELEASE 2.4.1: published on 10/02/2020
Rebuild a Czech corrupted file

RELEASE 2.4: published on 06/02/2020
Added six new models: DSP35-4G, DSP35-4G, DSP30-4G, DSP30-5G, DSP20-4G, DSP20-5G

RELEASE 2.3.1: published on 19/11/2019
Corrected wrong 2channel filter (DSP)
Corrected some visualisation problems (DSP)

RELEASE 2.3: published on 15/11/2019
Modified slope management for DSP40, DSP40PRO
Added new configuration file for SAT-32, SAT-32evo

RELEASE 2.2: published on 27/05/2019
Solved a permission problem with Android 8.0 and later

RELEASE 2.1: published on 08/05/2019
DSP40/DSP40PRO slope management is now removed until it will available with next hardware revision.

RELEASE 2.0: published on 07/05/2019
Added DSP40/DSP40PRO Management
Slope feature will be available soon on next hardware version

RELEASE 1.8.2: published on 20/02/2018
Bug fixes, app crashes solved

RELEASE 1.8: published on 28/11/2017
Added AT46SAW and AT47SAW management

App nameLEMGUI
App packageit.lemelettronica.lemconfig
PublisherLEM Elettronica srl
Platform4.0 and up

What's new?

Corrected DSP35-5G definitions

Download LEMGUI [v2.4.5-lem] APK for Android



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