KhelGuru – Play Games, Earn Money & Get Hot Deals [v3.1] APK for Android


Description of KhelGuru - Play Games, Earn Money & Get Hot Deals

KhelGuru Mission :

Providing one Gaming platform to make a gaming community, where they can get various deals at discounted prices.

KhelGuru Vision :

Make Gamified e-commerce that can allow gamers & shoppers to have a better lifestyle and that can give us a larger target market.

We are providing a free gaming platform to gamers. Using this gaming platform, you can not only enjoy your favorite game but also earn reward points which are as good as cash, because you can use these points while shopping for best products using the KhelGuru website.

We also run various discounts, offers and deals for our gaming community which you can use in discounted shopping, reward points on the KhelGuru website.

You simply have to do what you love doing, just play games on the KhelGuru app, earn points and use these points whenever you feel like shopping online to get discounts when you go on your next shopping spree online.

Gamers will get credit points for playing every time irrespective of winning or losing. They get the value of their playing time and get better deals through our marketplace e-commerce model.

How to use the KhelGuru App –
1. Install the KhelGuru app from the play store.
2. Register using your best mobile number and email address
3. Verify your phone number using the OTP sent to your phone.
4. Start playing your from various games available in-app
5. Keep playing to earn points
6. Accumulate points and you can for your favorite product online using the
KhelGuru website

Standout Features of KhelGuru – Play Games, Earn Money & Shop in our Free App

1. Available for free
2. Simple, Addictive, Fun Game play
3. Games which are loved by all
4. Easy registration process
5. Bug free gaming experience
6. Optimized for latest android version
7. Simple controls – Means you can play them even while travelling. With KhelGuru you
have a perfect time killer.
8. Cool User interface and seamless user experience
9. Unique, simple reward point redemption flow
10. Simple to utilize shopping reward points on the KhelGuru website
11. Seasonal offers, discounts for more fun and a great shopping experience.
12. Constant updates to make KhelGuru fun for both the gaming enthusiast and the shopping buff in you.

So, what are you waiting for? Install the KhelGuru app, start playing the cool in-app games, earn points and start shopping online. Take advantage of 365 days discounts, deals and offers on the KhelGuru app to save more.

KhelGuru – Play Games, Earn Money & Get Hot Deals is optimized to consume less storage space, consume less battery and resources on your phone.
KhelGuru – Play Games, Earn Money & Get Hot Deals is also optimized for both smartphones and tablets for a great experience on your favorite device.
Because of the well thought out UI and UX of KhelGuru app, you will find it easy to play your favorite games and also shop easily using advanced search functions, simple shopping flow on the KhelGuru website.

If you liked the KhelGuru – Play Games, Earn Money & Get Hot Deals and found it cool and useful, Please take a minute to review it and leave your comments on the play store.

We always strive to make KhelGuru the best unified, Gamified e-commerce app and, if you have any feedback to improve the app further or new feature requests to make the app, even more, user-friendly and awesome, reach out to us using the email mentioned on the play store. We take user feedback very seriously to make our apps wonderful.

Please keep the app updated at all times for the best experience and stay updated with the latest features.

App nameKhelGuru - Play Games, Earn Money & Get Hot Deals
App packagecom.khelguru.gamifiedecommerce
PublisherKhelGuru- Gamified E-Commerce
Platform4.4W and up

What's new?

Game UpdateMinor bugs fixed.Redeem issue resolved.

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