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Download MINECRAFT PE MOD: MINECRAFT PE MOD: Published Mar 22, 2017 created by Minecraft Hub | MINECRAFT PE MOD: Jurassic Craft AddonJurassic Craft is a mind blowing addon which incorporates 11 distinct dinosaurs in one pack. Each of them incorporate a special arrangement of practices. For instance, some of them you can tame and ride and others you must be additional watchful with since their forceful conduct will make them need to slaughter and eat you. Likewise, make a point to experiment with the Jurassic Craft World guide!


The greater part of the accompanying dinosaurs are incorporated into the Jurassic Craft Add-on which can be downloaded by tapping the download button.

Raptors: Raptors (or formally known as Velociraptors) are imposing dinosaurs which assume a conspicuous part in the Jurassic Park universe. Fundamental information: rideable, tameable, capacity, replaces pigs.

T-Rex: Tyrannosaurus Rex is accepted to have been one of the biggest rapacious which lived amid now is the right time. Fundamental data: tameable, rideable, antagonistic, capacity, replaces creepers.

Indominus Rex: Indominus Rex is an anecdotal dinosaur which assumed the part as the primary rival in the most recent Jurassic World film. Essential information: Extremely antagonistic, replaces press golems, fundamentally a manager.

Composognathus: This the littlest dinosaur incorporated into this extra. They are exceptionally perilous in the event that they get together as a gathering to pursue their prey (e.g. the player). Essential data: occupied by meat, replaces husks.

Ludodactylus: The Ludodactylus is really a flying reptile. Despite the fact that it looks as though it could eat you in only a couple nibbles it is a non-unfriendly horde which will never do you any damage. Fundamental data: rideable, replaces bats.

Mosasaurus and Tylosaurus: The accompanying crowds are sea-going reptiles which live in the water. Them two appreciate the essence of crisp human so make a point to remain out of the water in the event that you hold your life dear. Fundamental information: replaces the gatekeepers and senior watchmen.

Brachiosaurus: This is the slightest troubling dinosaur which you can run over in Minecraft. They are anything but difficult to spot on account of their long neck however this likewise makes them a simple prey for unfriendly dinosaurs, for example, Indominus Rex. Fundamental data: replaces dairy animals and mooshrooms.

Dilophosaurus and Oviraptor: The Dilophosaurus in this extra depends on the one as found in Jurassic Park. In any case, the one which lived on Earth, in actuality, is not the slightest bit like this one so remember that. This one can spit harm. Fundamental information: replaces shrivel skeletons, pull in with meat.

The Ovirptor is a bashful dinosaur which will attempt to maintain a strategic distance from people at any cost. It’s just on the off chance that they get assaulted that they will ensure themselves. Fundamental data: replaces strays, threatening towards chickens.

Spinosaurus: This dinosaur was in all likelihood bigger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and you can wager that it’s threatening! Essential information: tameable, rideable, capacity, replaces zombies.

Gallimimus: The Gallimimus must be one of the minimum shocking dinosaurs incorporated into this extra. It is actually perplexed of players and will dependably attempt to flee. Fundamental data: tameable, rideable, replaces zombie pigmen.

Jurassic Craft Addon Preview:

Jurassic Craft Addon changelog

  • Custom sounds for all dinosaurs
  • New spawn egg textures
  • Items and entities have custom names (en US, en GB, es MX, es ES)
  • Dinosaurs drop meat (amount varies depending on the size)
  • Indominus collision fixed
  • Raptor collision fixed
  • T-Rex and Spinosaurus mounting speed increased
  • Spinosaurus attack each other
  • Spinosaurus is stronger (can even beat T-Rex sometimes)
  • Added new vehicle sounds
  • Jeep grill texture fixed
  • Jeeps are slower
  • Dinosaurs are fasted when attacking and slow when on a random stroll
  • Dinosaurs attack has minimum and maximum parameters
  • Big dinosaurs have knockback resistance
  • Baby dino big heads fixed
  • Small changes for the following entities
    • Compsognathus
    • Dodo
    • Dilophosaurus
    • Jeep
    • Ludodactylos
    • Indominus
    • Gallimimus
  • Raptor tail model fixed
  • New menu button for Gona’s profile
  • Fixed food chain
  • Player seat position on Mercedes-Benz G550 fixed

Download MINECRAFT PE MOD: Jurassic Craft Addon

jurassic-craft-addon_DownloadFreeAZ.Com.zip (820.4 kB)


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