Islet Online [v1.120] APK for Android


Description of Islet Online : Craft Online

With islet Online, hang out with people from all over the world, build and decorate your own town!

★ Dig all the blocks you see!
All blocks except those in the protected area can be dug and stacked
Make various tools with ores and make various furniture with wood.

★ Craft variously!
Decorate your own home by crafting various tools and furniture.
Also clothes and furniture can be dyed freely in the color that you want.
Create unique clothes and furniture in the color you want.

★ Catch the animals and ride them!
You can catch various animals and ride!
Some animals have rare skin color.
From a small rabbit to a big bear, you can ride a bird and fly in the sky as your level gets higher!

★ Try your adventure!
Many jumps allow multiple jumps!
Multi-jumping makes it easy to get around many places..
Fly with birds and explore various terrain!

★ Fishing
Cook fish caught by fishing or put it in fish tank and display it ~
When fishing, you can get various items.

[Islet-online PC version]
If you have already purchased a PC version of Islet-online, Please send an e-mail request for account linking
You can play it on your PC by linking your account.

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Smartphone App Access Rights
We are requesting the following access rights when using this app.
[Essential Access Rights]
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[Withdrawal method of access right]
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※ The app may not provide individual consent, and you can revoke access by the above method.

Developer contact:
[email protected]
38-21, Digital-ro 31-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

App nameIslet Online : Craft Online
PublisherMorenori Soft Co., Ltd.
Platform4.1 and up

What's new?

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