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Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.11 | Codecanyon is the WordPress Plugin on Codecanyon | Download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.11 Free on DownloadFreeAZ.Com.

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.11 | Codecanyon adds several premium elements in your Visual Composer on top of the built-in ones given by WPBakery. Every single element in the package is crafted with utmost attention to details and a simple objective to provide you an ultimate experience. We’ve put a lot of time and care to ensure that all the elements are flexible so that they will open limitless possibilities for you, while maintaining simplicity at the core.

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.11 Features:

Icons – You can use this element to integrate a simple icon (font & image, both kinds) in your page and use it as you want. Or you can utilize Visual Composer grids and display a list of logos of your clients, partners, sponsors, etc.

Info Box – Perhaps, the most popular trend right now, Info Boxes truly make your website stand out helping you highlight the important things you have on offer.

Info List – Traditional HTML lists are boring, aren’t they? This elements simply re-imagines the lists. You may take an opportunity and utilize it’s cool design to show some process or simply highlight your most popular / related products, services & features.

Flip Box – This element combines the power of “Info Box” & “Call to Action” block altogether. On the front, it would look like a normal Info Box but as visitor hovers on the block, it flips with a cool CSS3 effect and shows a Call to Action section, provoking him to take a call.

Counter – Want to show your milestones, achievements and any other numeric statistics with animated numbers? This element will help!

Interactive Banner – Many times, image banners come in handy as they are very convenient and obvious way to deliver your message precisely. This element will display those image blocks in a nicer & interactive way.

Modal Popup Box – This is one of the very useful element that can go on any website. Create modal popup boxes and embed anything you wish inside the popup box through easy WYSIWYG editor.

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.11 Changelog

3.16.11 – 29-Apr-2017
– Improved overall security of the plugin by added sanitization wherever required, All the Ajax actions are now checked for user capabilities and nounce to harden the security.
– Fix: Dual button not working properly for the second style.
– Fix: WooCommere compatibility for version v3.0.4.

Download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.11 | Codecanyon

Download “Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.11” view – Downloaded 313 times – 106 KB



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