Star Wars Add-on: MINECRAFT PE MOD


Download Star Wars Add-on: PE MOD Maker: Gona, Published Mar 18, 2017 | Star Wars Add-on: PE MOD Free on DownloadFreeAZ.Com. Star Wars Add-on: MINECRAFT PE MOD includes three droids (with custom sounds), a Jedi robe, lightsabers and several different things to Minecraft Pocket Edition. R2-D2 and BB-8 are two of the droids which you will have the capacity to tame and keep as faithful partners on your next experiences. In any case, be watchful. There are malicious droids out there which have been modified to execute you and your droid companions. This extra is an absolute necessity play for any individual who like the Star Wars films!

Star Wars Add-on: MINECRAFT PE MOD Preview:


R2-D2 (replaces creepy crawly) is a little astromech droid with a couple of various utilities. It’s primary and best capacity is to shield its proprietor from aggressors by shooting lasers at them. It likewise has a capacity compartment (5 openings) which the player can use for putting away pieces and things.

  • The droid is unbiased as a matter of course and you can tame it with some redstone.
  • /Android: Long push on the droid and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Right-tap on the droid to tame it

Download Star Wars Add-on: MINECRAFT PE MOD

Star Wars by (1.4 MB)


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