MINECRAFT PE MOD: Lamborghini Sports Car Add-on


Download MINECRAFT PE MOD: Lamborghini Sports Car Add-on Maker: Gona Published Mar 21, 2017 | MINECRAFT PE MOD: Lamborghini Sports Car Add-on Free on DownloadFreeAZ.ComLamborghini Sports Car Add-on makes it feasible for each Minecrafter to claim a rich games auto and drive around in style. As much as you may like your dear old steed I believe it’s a great opportunity to understand that there is something considerably more sweltering available. Does it look to a great degree cool as well as quick and can be utilized for things, for example, racing.

MINECRAFT PE MOD: Lamborghini Sports Car Add-on Preview:

How can it function?

Lamborghini Sports Car Add-on is the quickest and most lavish vehicle which you can at present get in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It brings forth in marsh biomes since it replaces witches yet you can likewise get one by utilizing a witch produce egg. At this moment there are seats for only one individual as it were.

  • iOS/Android: Long push on the auto and press Drive to enter the auto
  • Windows 10: Right-tap on the auto to enter it
  • To drive the auto you will require a key (otherwise called a carrot on a stick). Prepare the key in your grasp to begin driving. To stop the auto you need to switch your dynamic bar space to something else.
  • This addon works incredible on multiplayer servers. You can bring forth numerous vehicles and let players take an interest in racing.
  • The vehicle is an astounding gem and it looks unimaginably like the Lamborghini Aventador Couple which is the auto it depends on.
  • Other than the orange shading, it likewise exists in five different hues: blue, yellow, green, red, lime.

Download MINECRAFT PE MOD: Lamborghini Sports Car Add-on

Super Sport Car by Gona_DownloadFreeAZ.Com.zip (3.4 MB)


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