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Download Ionic App Builder v17.02.01 | Codecanyon is the Mobile Native Web Full Applications | Ionic Mobile App Builder v17.02.01 Free on DownloadFreeAZ.Com

Ionic Mobile App (IMA) Builder is a web tool to build a template code for Ionic Framework v1 and also build backend for storage media without coding. You can build project to app file (apk) using ionic, cordova or phonegap.

Ionic App Builder v17.02.01 Changelog

17.02.01 (pre-release)
– Improved Bookmark on Table Menu
– Add FAQs template on Table Menu
– Improve thumbnail for RSS To JSON Converter
– Add OneSignal to push notification
– Improved Docs in dashboard
– Add menu FAQS

Download Ionic App Builder v17.02.01 | Codecanyon

Ionic_Mobile_App_Builder_[v17.02.01]_DownloadFreeAZ.Com.rar (21.4 MB)


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