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v5.1.1 | Responsive Nulled Free is the best WordPress Corporate Template on Themeforest 2833226.Avada v5.1.1 is the #1 selling WordPress theme on the market. Simply put, it is the most versatile, easy to use multi-purpose WordPress theme. It is truly one of a kind, other themes can only attempt to include the vast network options that Avada v5.1.1 includes.

Avada v5.1.1 is all about building unique, creative and professional websites through industry leading options network without having to touch a line of code. Our amazingly flexible network of options is paired with an easy to use interface that allows anyone from beginner to advanced build beautiful, responsive websites. It is not only a theme, it is a powerful design tool.

Avada v5.1.1 can be anything you wish it to be because of our flexible framework. It has a clean design, a fully responsive framework, industry leading options network and the intuitive Fusion Builder that makes page building a breeze. Avada v5.0.6 definitely sets the new standard with endless possibilities, top-notch support, and incredible featured packed updates requested from our users. Avada v5.0.6 is the most easy to use theme on the market and completely ready to operate out of the box. Built with HTML5 & CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into this theme making it a pleasure to use.

Download Avada v5.1.1 | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Download Avada v5.1.1 – DownloadFreeAZ.Com.zip (8.7 MB)

Avada v5.1.1 | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Changelog

v5.1.1 – March 14th, 2017
– FIXED: theme option values not being respected on all child theme installs, due to WordPress theme setup hook issue
v5.1 – March 13th, 2017
– NEW: 5 New Professionally Designed Demos
– NEW: WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Compatibility
– NEW: New Menu Highlight Arrow Option
– NEW: New Menu Highlight Boxed Background Option
– NEW: New Main Menu Icon Theme Option Panel
– NEW: New Main Menu Icon Position Option (Top/Right/Bottom/Left)
– NEW: New Main Menu Icon Size Option
– NEW: New Main Menu Icon Color Option
– NEW: New Main Menu Icon Hover Color Option
– NEW: New Mega Menu Thumbnail Size For Images
– NEW: New Logo Background Color Option for headers v1, v2, v3, v6, v7 and side headers
– NEW: Avada Menus Now Support Menu Descriptions in the WP native menu settings
– NEW: Avada Menu Options In Appearance > Menu Are Now Better Organized With A Single Button That Opens The Options In A Window
– NEW: New Boxed Mode Top/Bottom Offset
– NEW: New Boxed Mode Offset Scroll Layout: Framed or Full Scrolling
– NEW: New Boxed Mode Shadow Type (light/medium/hard)
– NEW: New Zoom Capability For WooCommerce (Avada’s style + default WooCommerce)
– NEW: WooCommerce 2.7 compatibility
– NEW: New Toggle Boxed Mode Option
– NEW: New Toggle Border Width Option
– NEW: New Toggle Border Color Option
– NEW: New Toggle Background Color Option
– NEW: New Toggle Background Hover Color Option
– NEW: New Toggle Inactive Box Color Option
– NEW: New Toggle Active Box Color
– NEW: Fusion Builder allows <!–nextpage–> usage (was accidentally already added to Avada 5.0 changelog)
– NEW: New Bulk Media Upload For Slider And Image Carousel elements
– NEW: Google AMP Plugin Support (although this also worked on 5.0.6, just to avoid confusion)
– NEW: Now The Entire Featured Image Rollover Links To Single Post
– NEW: Updated Layer Slider Plugin To Latest Version As of Release Date
– NEW: Updated Slider Revolution Plugin To Latest Version As of Release Date
– NEW: Performance Improvement option to choose if one combined and minified JavaScript file should be loaded or several (for HTTP/2.0)
– NEW: WP 4.7+ compatibility updates
– NEW: Compatibility with Sermon Manager 2.0
– NEW: Counter Box element can now use decimal numbers
– NEW: Added all the available W3TC plugin CSS and JS include hooks
– NEW: Better Organization For Avada & Fusion Builder Menus In WP Admin
– NEW: Theme and element options for the widget area element
– NEW: Avada Patcher is now called Fusion Patcher
– NEW: Fusion Patcher Now Displays Patches For Each Product (Avada, Fusion Builder, Fusion Core)
– NEW: Fusion Patcher Now Displays A Counter Circle For Available Patches
– NEW: Demo Imports Are Now Compatible With PHP 5.2
– NEW: Added option to portfolio element to show/hide URL parameter for category sensitive sorting on single posts pages
– NEW: Added support for Facebook Instant Articles plugin
– NEW: Organizational Improvements To Avada Welcome Screen
– NEW: New FAQ Tab For Avada Welcome Screen
– NEW: Blog Element Now Combines All Pagination Options Into One Set
– NEW: Automatic database transient cleanup tasks for optimal performance
– NEW: Using new jQuery appear library to avoid conflicts with Slider Revolution
– NEW: Major Improvements For The Fusion Builder API Via New Filters & Action Hooks
– NEW: New Fusion Page Option Filters & Action Hooks
– NEW: It’s now easier to override fusion builder elements
– NEW: Show full element controls for Fusion Builder containers in backend, when the container is closed
– NEW: All element related code, styles, scripts, options etc. won’t be loaded if an element is disabled
– NEW: Fusion Builder single demo pages are automatically updated now on theme update and also periodically
– NEW: Each demo has been re-exported for option setup
– NEW: Fusion Builder & Fusion Core Plugins Are Now Offloaded
– NEW: Filter Added To Allow WOFF2 Upload Automatically
– NEW: Lightbox element can open videos
– NEW: Lightbox element now also available in main Fusion Builder
– NEW: Avada CPTs are moved to Fusion Core plugin, incl. all needed assets and templates
– NEW: WooCommerce placeholder image is now available on the shop page
– IMPROVED: On System Status page only the last 3 versions will be shown now, to avoid clutter
– IMPROVED: Removed IE8 compatibility for performance improvements
– IMPROVED: Cloned elements in Fusion Builder are positioned directly below the original ones now
– IMPROVED: Fusion Builder generator now loads elements tab before the nested columns tab now
– IMPROVED: Fusion Builder element toolbar now uses a background color for better usability
– IMPROVED: Updated Styling For Options That Are Set To Off for Clarity
– IMPROVED: Updated several option names and descriptions to make usage easier
– IMPROVED: Fusion Builder single page template imports
– IMPROVED: Added number of posts option for carousel layout of portfolio element
– IMPROVED: Added a default option for animation settings in content boxes, so that parent settings can be used throughout
– IMPROVED: Made sure that Patcher and System Status values show same requirements
– IMPROVED: Custom Font names in Theme Options upload can now contain spaces
– IMPROVED: Made sure that “permalink” is not considered a keyword in SEO plugins and search engines
– IMPROVED: Using wc_get_checkout_page() function now for checkout page linking
– IMPROVED: Sliding bar is deactivated by default on new theme installs
– IMPROVED: Better usage of available space in top header for email and phone number on mobiles
– IMPROVED: Dynamic CSS cache is now cleared on Theme Options import and color preset change
– IMPROVED: On demo imports the site logos are now directly imported to the media library
– IMPROVED: WPML footer language switcher is now included in the footer parallax layout
– IMPROVED: Removed 2 slow SHOW TABLES db queries
– IMPROVED: Theme Options for database caching and compiling CSS are combined now to avoid confusion
– IMPROVED: Fusion Slider and Elastic Slider items are removed from search results page
– IMPROVED: Block quote elements has now increased top/bottom margin to stand out better
– IMPROVED: Removed ‘Install Plugins’, ‘Header’ and ‘Background’ menu entries under ‘Appearance’ menu to avoid confusion
– IMPROVED: Events Calendar Single Sidebar Layout section in Theme Options was moved below the Events Calendar main section
– IMPROVED: Made sure that the background is faded the same amount for all kind of modal overlays in backend to improve usability
– IMPROVED: Other improvements & fixes to the codebase for overall enhancements and maintainability
– UPDATED: Select2 script library to version 4.0.3
– UPDATED: Tooltip of YouTube social media icon was updated to correct branding
– FIXED: Javascript code being added to the System Status report
– FIXED: WooCommerce ordering boxes not always showing
– FIXED: WooCommerce after add to cart button closing markup missing
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with Fancy Product Designer plugin on WooCommerce order page
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with YITH Ajax Product Filter plugin for WooCommerce
– FIXED: Gravity Form Merg Tags not working
– FIXED: Gravity Forms dropdown styling issue for dynamically / conditionally displayed drop downs
– FIXED: A few alignment issues in Theme Options for RTL sites
– FIXED: Issue with login redirection if specific ports are used
– FIXED: Make main menu anchors work correctly also on search page of one page sites
– FIXED: Login/register/password elements not using Theme Options button size setting
– FIXED: Issue with slider height on scrolling when using Fusion Slider on an Android device
– FIXED: Section separator overlap issue on Android devices
– FIXED: Display issue with Fusion Slider full screen parallax layout
– FIXED: Fatal error during short code conversion when WPML is used
– FIXED: Fusion Page Options not changeable on translated pages when using WPML
– FIXED: Header Tagline Theme Option setting missing for side header layouts
– FIXED: Menu item padding of value 0 not working
– FIXED: Password form fields not being styled for all elements
– FIXED: Additional fix for background images and overlay colors on containers
– FIXED: JavaScript error on page edit screen when using invalid values in Theme Options
– FIXED: Responsive typography not working for blog titles on archive pages that use AJAX loading
– FIXED: Breadcrumbs title issue on Events Calendar archive pages
– FIXED: Issue on some servers when uploading WOFF or WOFF” fonts in Theme Options
– FIXED: Styling issue on mobiles for the Events Calendar Filter Bar add-on
– FIXED: pagination not working when using offset in portfolio element
– FIXED: Infinite scrolling / load more button not working for portfolio items if only set in Theme Options and using Default on the element itself
– FIXED: Double mobile menu and logo when using header v7 and custom sticky menu
– FIXED: Import issue of images for shop demos
– FIXED: Patcher notices not disappearing, even if permissions issue was resolved
– FIXED: Sub-sub-menus not always being correctly aligned on RTL sites
– FIXED: Legacy issue with sidebars not always being deletable when created with older theme versions
– FIXED: First testimonial inside a modal window flowing over
– FIXED: Scrollbar not being shown when using portfolio element and a filter that has not enough elements visible to enable scrolling on page load
– FIXED: Search results page template changing to 100% width if first search result uses that template
– FIXED: Images overflowing image frame elements in IE11
– FIXED: Empty column height calculation for background images in empty columns not being correct in IE11
– FIXED: a few header display issues on IE9 for headers v6 and v7
– FIXED: Sticky header not working on tablets when deactivated for mobiles on certain tablet sizes
– FIXED: Page title bar contents being misaligned on mobiles
– FIXED: Upgrade issue with theme versions prior to 4.0
– FIXED: Icons on top of counters in counter boxes element not being fully centered
– FIXED: Fusion Builder child elements not editable when using very large browser font size
– FIXED: Compatibility issue between Avada backend menu and User Role Editor plugin
– FIXED: Image carousel element images overflowing bottom border when lift up hover effect is used
– FIXED: Author page email address being double anit spam encoded, which led to an error
– FIXED: Fusion Builder throwing PHP notice when a CPT edit screen is used that does not have an editor
– FIXED: Borders not being correct for columns that use background images and lift up hover effect
– FIXED: Fusion Builder generator disappearing in some cases from visual editor toolbar
– FIXED: positioning issue with WPML langugae switcher flags on mobile menu
– FIXED: Horizontal menu widget active menu item not following hover color
– FIXED: Title element breaking in backend in certain cases when a hashtag (#) is used as part of the heading
– FIXED: Counter circle element inside of tabs element not working correctly
– FIXED: Division by zero PHP warning in section separator element for some setups
– FIXED: Button element preview being incorrect for certain old button short codes
– FIXED: Content box title hover color not always being correct on touch device
– FIXED: Container element name in backend showing &amp; instead of &
– FIXED: Color pickers not being displayed correctly for all color choices
– FIXED: Translation issue with the Avada style twitter widget
– FIXED: Visibility option not working in tabs element
– FIXED: A few PHP7 warning notices
– FIXED: PHP notices for older PHP versions


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