Contract Servant [v1.0.2] APK for Android


Description of Contract Servant

The real blockchain TCG “Contract Servant”, has arrived!
Equipped with an Ethereum wallet management function, you can safely manage digital card possession information!

What is Contract Servant
“ContractServant” is a blockchain game (Dapps game).
A blockchain game is a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) card issued by the user, the user’s ownership is proved, and it is possible to freely trade in marketplaces outside the game such as OpenSea.

[What you can do with Contract Servant]

1. Manage your Contract Servant assets safely!

This application safely manages ERC721 standard assets recorded on the Ethereum network, such as characters used in games.
It is possible to transfer the assets of “Contract Servant” through an external website.
The “Contract Servant” operator doesn’t store your private key at all (it’s only kept on your device) so it won’t be hacked unless you give it to someone.

2. You can easily receive ETH from the virtual currency exchange!

If you use the wallet function of the blockchain platform Ethereum, you can easily operate Bitflyer, coin check,etc. it is possible to receive virtual currency and crypto asset Ether (ETH) from more than 60 external virtual currency exchanges.

3. Delivering the fastest information on the “Contract Servant” strategy!

You can quickly view game capture information, the latest news, official comments, and more.

The provider of this application “Contract Servant” is Smart App Co., Ltd.
“Contract Servant” is a service provided by AXELMARK INC.
This application is licensed to be provided as a capture application by AXELMARK INC.

App nameContract Servant
Platform6.0 and up

What's new?

The wallet function has been tuned.

Download Contract Servant [v1.0.2] APK for Android


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