Bulu Monster v3.21.0 APK (MOD, bulu points) Android Free


v3.21.0 APK (MOD, bulu points) Android Free Updated 05.24.2017 | Download  v3.21.0 APK author Sigma Game Limited Role Playing Game Free on DownloadFreeAZ.Com.

Bulu Monster v3.21.0 APK Features:

Bulu Monster v3.21.0 APK is full of colourful, carefully animated monsters. The monsters come in different shapes and sizes, and have been designed to be visually appealing to everyone who plays the game.

The colourful monsters included in this game are sure to keep everyone involved and engaged right until the end. The game also includes:

– A fun and appealing story line that allows the user to save their monster friend, Rania, as one of the quests
– 14 different fantasy maps to explore
– Challenge more than 50 NPC monster trainers
– Train a monster team
– Friend code system to allow the user to invite their friends to lay the game along with them, increasing the competitiveness and fun of Bulu Island.
– Collect more than 150 different monsters

Bulu Monster v3.21.0 APK (MOD, bulu points) Android Free – An interesting RPG, which will appeal to all fans of anime, because in the game you will search and collect different monsters with their unique abilities. Train them and improve their abilities. Fight against other monsters and gain victories, for each victory you will receive a certain number of points and experience, for which you can buy and travel in 13 different locations. Become the fastest and most agile monster catcher in the entire universe of the Bulu Monster!

Download Bulu Monster v3.21.0 APK (MOD, bulu points) Android Free

Download “Bulu-Monster-(MOD)_3.21.0-DownloadFreeAZ.Com.apk (57.5 MB)” view – Downloaded 321 times – 106 KB


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