Blue Light – Blue Brightness [v1.8] APK for Android


Description of Blue Light - Blue Brightness

If you always feel some tiredness issues with your eyes while using mobile phones during night time? Then you can use our blue light filter app for the protection of your eyes. Blue light download app now and safe your eyes from pain and weakness. Blue light – Blue brightness is the solution for light management of your smart phones. Blue light – Blue brightness helps to give peace for mind and peace of eyes. Social media usage is increasing like gigantic snowball we are switching from apps to apps. So use this blue light eye care app for the light adjustment. Blue Brightness app we can set our mood if we in sleepy mood we can adjust it according mode.

Blue Light – Blue Brightness app is a visible light, including cell phones, desktop computers and television screens. During day time, natural exposure to blue light display can enhance people’s energy and passions. However, continued exposure of waves spreading through the device screen during night time cause various health effects. So use this blue light eye protection app in a dim environment which will protect the circadian rhythm. Mobile Light with interruptions in the normal sleep schedule. So you can on this light filter for night app during night time and it will not be harmful. Therefore, blue light filter free app should be reduced at night. Light filter for eye care is necessary.

Blue Light – Blue Brightness app is very easy to use. You can also have this light filter app for Eye Protect, Night Screen, Eye care as a filter candy and caliginous screen can relax eyes. Adjust biological clock and prevent eye disease though this blue light eye protector app. Use phone during night time, blue light filter dark mode app is better for eyes. Turn your smart phone to night mode with our blue light effect. Blue light filter mode app is perfect from all other blue light night filter apps.

Blue light – Blue brightness has fallowing modes and Features:

Normal Mode: Blue light filter quick settings app has first option named normal mode. Night Filter Normal Mode has default setting of the mobile as factory setting.

Reading Mode: Blue light night mode helps in reading, we can adjust Mobile light filter according to reading mode. Reading mode is a little bit dimmer than normal mode. But blue light filter app gives great peace of mind while reading the text.

Dark Mode: Dark Mode ensures the eye protection through blue light protection. Blue light screen filter saves power and very easy to use.

Stress mode: in blue light filter original app, stress mode give calm to your eyes. When we have stress mode, blue light protector mode really helps.

Sleeping mode: in late night when we tired with normal blue light of mobile, we can turn on sleeping mode. It will help a lot.

You can adjust brightness according to choice. Blue light – Blue brightness has power saving plus eyes health benefits.

App nameBlue Light - Blue Brightness
Publisherglory app studio
Platform4.2 and up

Download Blue Light – Blue Brightness [v1.8] APK for Android


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