Atermらくらく「かざして」スタートfor Android [v1.0.5] APK for Android


Description of Atermらくらく「かざして」スタートfor Android


Android 4.4以上(Google Playに対応し、NFC機能に対応しているスマートフォン・タブレット端末でご利用いただけます)



By reading the NFC tag attached to the Aterm wireless router with the app, you can easily set up the Wi-Fi connection between the smartphone / tablet and the Aterm series base unit.

[Supported version]
Android 4.4 or higher (Can be used with smartphones and tablets that support Google Play and NFC function)
Please check AtermStation ( for detailed supported versions.

[Connection confirmation model]
Connection check Please check AtermStation ( for smartphones / tablets and Aterm series compatible models.

・ If the NFC tag is difficult to read on your terminal, try the following.
-For the NFC reader part of smartphone / tablet, please check the instruction manual of the terminal or contact the terminal manufacturer.
-It may take some time to read. Wait a few seconds.
-Hold the smartphone / tablet device close to the NFC reader so that the NFC reader and the NFC tag are parallel. If it cannot be read, move the terminal back and forth, right and left, or move it closer to the NFC tag.
-Reading may not be possible if a smartphone or tablet device is placed in the case or cover.
-If you place the Wi-Fi setting sheet on a metal plate and read it, it may not be possible to read it.
-If the NFC tag is not read correctly, the “Select operation” dialog may be displayed. In that case, please run the app again.
-The ASID (base unit) SSID and encryption key can be set with the default values. It cannot be set if it has been changed from the initial value.
・ Check that the firmware of the connected Aterm is the latest. If not, please upgrade.
・ This cannot be set when the product is operating in Remote Unit mode or Repeater mode.
-If you read the NFC tag again or operate other applications during the setting, the setting may be interrupted and the setting may be started from the beginning. We recommend that you do not perform any other operations until you have completed the settings.
-Internet connection settings cannot be made correctly in bridge mode, wireless LAN access point mode, and multi-stage connection of routers. (Wi-Fi connection settings can be made.)
-If an IP address conflict is detected when setting up an Internet connection, the setting may fail. In that case, please set on the Aterm WEB setting screen.
-After restarting the router, smartphones that do not complete Wi-Fi connection cannot be connected to the Internet. (Wi-Fi connection setting is possible)

App nameAtermらくらく「かざして」スタートfor Android
PublisherNEC Platforms, Ltd.
Platform4.4 and up

What's new?

Ver.1.0.5 インターネット接続処理を改善しました。

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