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注:部分Android 7.0及以下版本手機在進入遊戲時需點擊接受遊客存儲權限方可正常遊戲,給您帶來不便,敬請諒解。







《小小主公2》官方客服郵件中心:[email protected]


——Installation instructions ——
After the user first installs and enters the game, we need to access your storage permission (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) so that when you log in, you can store your account information to avoid loss. Please refer to the following terms for more privacy policy details: https://www.gamemorefun.com/front/policy
Note: Some Android 7.0 and below mobile phones need to click the recipient storage right to enter the game to play the game normally, which is inconvenient for you, please forgive me.

Game description:
“Little Master 2” is a SLG pre-war strategy against the three countries as a background game! The game continues the style of the “Little Little Lord” generation Q Meng, and the game has been comprehensively upgraded based on the core gameplay. Character modeling, scene props and other materials are more refined, and the characters are more delicate and the gods are closer to the original works of the Three Kingdoms. Q Meng’s style is more relaxed and playful, and it is more compatible with the game’s relaxed and casual gameplay. In the new “Little Master 2”, you will be incarnate into the three kingdoms, governing one side of the territory, practicing the soldiers to expand the land, and the enemy will be slightly enemies, and there will be a large number of famous countries, advisers, and beautiful people to vote! The eight camps of the national war siege are open every week, and the massive content of the game helps you to swim around the three countries!

Game features:
※ leisure strategy
“Little Master 2” focuses on the pre-war strategy. In the game, you only need to match the generals and the arms. You can fully automate the battles in the battle. The battle will fully reflect your strategic deployment before the battle, the restraint of the arms, the release of the skills, etc. All operations will be done automatically according to your thinking. Game play is easy and casual, and players can use the time to play games anytime, anywhere.

※ Territory management
“Little Master 2” has greatly simplified the construction system of SLG’s overly complex territory, and has created a construction system centered on “resource acquisition”, while greatly simplifying the construction, management, and development of the game. The operation and time required, simple operation can get everything done, and create a “placement experience” for the players to “get it done without waiting for it”, so that everyone can use the fragment time to enter the game at any time.

※Family brothers
The siege war of “Little Master 2” is based on the family of the camp family. The families in the game are organized to attack the city of other camp forces. As the most important large-scale war game, on the classic nostalgic world plaid map, there are different city pools of the main city, the state city, and the Guanyu. After the actual battle begins, there are also marching distances, marching time, etc., combined with each of the eight camps. In different geographical locations on the map, the forces will develop a series of diplomatic strategies in the process of conquest, which are both vertical and horizontal and close to each other. Both the individual players and the family as a whole must be deployed in a tactical manner.

※Fighting country battle
Under the background of the history of the Three Kingdoms, “Little Master 2” divides the Qing, You, He, Yang, Yi, Jing, Yi eight major states as a force camp, the game takes the national warfare competitive game, let players enter the game After joining the respective camps according to the place of birth, and building their own main city in Honshu Prefecture. Each camp has different camp BUFF bonuses according to its historical characteristics, as well as special exclusive camp generals. The camp also derived a series of games such as siege, plundering, and acting.

※ Legion development
“Little Master 2” has nearly 100 famous three-nations and various types of arms. A number of military commanders and soldiers can be combined to form a legion. Each military commander has 2-3 kinds of special skills. Some of the generals’ skills will have special bonuses for the designated units. Players need to pay more attention to the match of the generals in the army configuration. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the positioning of the military commanders in the Legion. The overall matching gameplay requires detailed strategic considerations.

“Little Master 2” Facebook official fan page: https://www.facebook.com/minilord2
“Little Master 2” official customer service mail center: [email protected]

–Please note–
This game requires internet connection
This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
Please pay attention to the game time, don’t over-indulge.

App name小小主公2
App packagecom.xxzg2.gp
PublisherMorefun Technology Limited
Platform4.1 and up

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